pool-deckIf you've been to the pool recently you've probably noticed our pool deck is in need of repair. Well…there is good reason for that, its 43 years old! Good news, the Board and management have arranged for the pool deck to be transformed from a 1970’s pool deck to a 2013 pool deck. Our goal is to give the pool deck a more resort style feel.

Check out the picture on the left to get an idea of what's coming. Not only will the pool deck look great but it’s also safe with a non-slip coating and is cooler than concrete when in the sun. The work will begin on September 23rd and will run for about 3 weeks. During that time the pool will be shut down.

We realize that this work is somewhat inconvenient given the time of year. However, it is imperative we complete this project well before the chances of rain become more certain as well as some other factors.

Throughout the duration of the project Almaden Golf & Country Club will generously allow our members to use their pool facilities. For those of you not familiar with where the AGCC pool is, you can find it at the corner of Hampton and Bose (directly across the street from ASRC courts 4, 5, 6). We are very thankful to AGCC for allowing us to use their pool while ours is down.

Please stay tuned for the hours of operation and any special rules associated with the use of the AGCC pool. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we execute this much needed repair/improvement.

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