Is school helping your child’s health?

School is a massive influence on your children. It is at school that they first interact outside of their home environment, form their attitudes and learn about diet, exercise and lifestyle among other things. While you might promote a certain standard of living and approach to life at home, how can you be sure that schools are doing enough to benefit the health of your child? Recent proposals by the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) highlight the need for rules to protect youngsters' diets at school.

Why cardio counts!

Think back, if you can, to the days of legwarmers, leotards and the complexity that was the archetypal aerobics class - complicated dance moves taking you to the point of crashing and burning exhaustion. These were the days when all most people knew about fitness is that if you want to be healthy you need cardio.


ASRC is pleased to announce it has a new and much more modern website located at! Not only is this new website more visually appealing but it also offers an extremely user friendly site map and navigation. Be sure to check the website for most of your basic questions regarding club hours, swim & tennis programs, renovation updates, and much more! Just a click away from the home page will be our social media pages through facebook, twitter, google+ and linkedin giving you many ways to stay connected to the club.

FROM THE BOARDby Steve Spring, President

I hope everyone is enjoying the fleeting perks of winter as spring is just around the corner. There is still some good snow in the Sierras but unless we get some late season rain this years’ ski season will be a short one. March will bring the return of daylight savings time (move those clocks ahead one hour at midnight, Saturday March 9th). With more hours of daylight we can anticipate more sunshine and what better way to enjoy it than outside.