Swimming Lessons

Below you will find information regarding our tentative 2020 Swim Lesson offering. Although the ASRC facility is currently closed due to Shelter-in-Place, we are hopeful that lessons will be able to take place this summer. If ASRC is not able to provide lessons due to government restrictions, money will be refunded to those registered.

How to Register: When you click the "Register" button, you will be routed to our Club Automation website. Pick your session and then scroll down to sign-up for a specific class level and time slot. Please note that ASRC members will be instructed to login to their accounts and non-members will need to create an account. If you are a member and do not remember your login, please select "Find My Account" which will e-mail your login credentials to you

If you have questions or would like to be contacted with registration updates, please e-mail swimlessons@almadensrc.org for more information.

Swimming Lessons - Almaden Swim & Racquet Club, San Jose

2020 Private Swim Lessons

Advance your swim skills with private lessons at Almaden Swim & Racquet Club. Our private lessons offer one-on-one learning where the lessons are catered directly to your student. Each session runs for 1-week, Monday-Thursday (4 classes). Private lessons are offered in the afternoon (12:00 – 3:30 p.m. start time). Classes are 25 minutes long with start times on the half hour.

*The instructor will quickly assess your child’s skills on Day-1 of the session and customize the lessons based on their needs.

Private Sessions & Pricing

Session Dates Members Non-Members
1-A June 8 – June 11 $120 $160
1-B June 15 – July 18 $120 $160
2-A June 22 – June 25 $120 $160
2-B June 29 – July 2 $120 $160
3-A July 6 – July 9 $120 $160
3-B July 13 – July 16 $120 $160
4-A July 20 – July 23 $120 $160
4-B July 27 – July 30 $120 $160


2020 Group Swim Lessons

Learning to swim is fun at Almaden Swim & Racquet Club! Our group lessons offer a small class size with an average 4:1 student/teacher ratio which gives each child the attention they need to grow their skills. Each group session runs for 2-week, Monday-Thursday (8 classes). Group lessons are offered in the afternoon (4:00 – 6:30 p.m. start time). Classes are 25 minutes long with start times on the half hour.
NOTE: Not every class is offered during the same time slot, however all classes are offered within that hour.

Group Session & Pricing

Session Dates Members Non-Members
1 June 8 – June 18 $115 $165
2 June 22 – July 2 $115 $165
3 July 6 – July 16 $115 $165
4 July 20 – July 30 $115 $165


What Levels is my swimmer?

Group swim lessons are divided by level. You will need to select your child’s swim level when you register for the class. Please use the information below as a guide to select the correct level. Not sure? That’s o.k. Please use your best guess.

*Skill level will be assessed on Day-1 of each session and children may be moved based on class space & availability.

Level 1: Starfish

Suggested for Ages 3-7 (based on ability)

This swim class teaches children:

  • Blowing Bubbles from Nose and Mouth
  • Back and Front Float (With Support)
  • Flutter Kick Front and Back (Assisted)
  • Learn Basic Pool Rules
  • Bobbing to Safety
  • Safe Pool Entries and Exits
  • Rhythmic Breathing
  • Retrieve Underwater Objects

Level 2: Clownfish

Suggested for Ages 5-8 (based on ability)

This swim class teaches children:

  • Back and Front Floats (Without Support)
  • Flutter Kick Front and Back (Unassisted)
  • Change Position/Level Off
  • Turn over Front to Back
  • Introduction to Side Breathing
  • Know Safe Swimming Rules
  • Deep Water Exploration (5ft)
  • Seated Dive
  • Basics of Treading Water

Level 3: Sea Otter

Suggested for Ages 7-9 (based on ability)

This swim class teaches children:

  • Freestyle with Side Breathing
  • Backstroke (Combined arms & legs)
  • Push off Wall and Glide, Front and Back
  • Elementary Back Stroke Kick
  • Introduction to Dolphin Kick (assisted)
  • Deep Water Entry with Recovery
  • Retrieve Underwater Objects (5ft)
  • Safe Diving Rules
  • Dive From Kneeling & Compact Positions
  • Treading Water, 30 seconds
  • Introduction to Sculling

Level 4: Swim SPORT

Suggested for Ages 9-13 (based on ability)

This level was created for kids who have already learned the basics of swimming and want to further their skills in the sport. These lessons will be tailored to the particular group of students enrolled. This level is great for kids who are interested in learning advanced strokes such as breaststroke & butterfly, improving endurance, learning flip turns & dives, and general swim team readiness.