RAVI'S COURT…by Ravi Gill, USPTA Professional

Understanding Mistakes


In tennis, you could begin a game by hitting three straight double-faults and still win the game. It is a game of errors and mistake management more than it is about hitting winners. In a typical match, there will always be far more errors than winners. Forced errors or unforced errors - they are still mistakes. the ability to manage mistakes effectively begins with two basic premises...

I - There are going to be mistakes made in any match you play.
II - While no mistakes are desirable, by understanding them you can minimize the damage.

What are mistakes?? Mistakes are the end result of a shot executed poorly and when you hit the ball, there are only five mistakes you can make in tennis...

  • Ball hit into the net.
  • Ball hit long.
  • Ball hit wide-left.
  • Ball hit wide-right.
  • Ball completely missed by the racquet.

Tune-in next month when I discuss the most common mistakes and how to manage them to keep the error countdown to help win the match.

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