FROM THE BOARDby Steve Spring, President

June already? Where has the year gone?

It was great to see many members, families and friends of members at the Memorial Day social. The dark clouds and spotty rain did not dampen the ASRC spirit as we socialized with each other while being mindful of those who have served and continue to serve so we may enjoy the freedoms we do in this great nation.

We continually seek to improve our club and seek your input. With so many exciting changes occurring to our club over the past year, we would like to formally survey our membership on a variety of topics. We are working up a list of questions that will be presented in an online survey in the weeks ahead. Please keep an eye out, as the survey will be sent to the same email distribution list as this communication for you to complete online.

Renovation of our club’s facilities is on the top of everyone’s mind and our top priority. Detailed renovations designs based on a long term master plan concept were prepared and submitted to the Planning Department of the City of San Jose. In a matter involving a facility like our club, the City seeks the views of neighbors. More than 100 neighbors responded. We are pleased to report that all the neighbors who responded support renovation of the club’s current facilities. With this level of support, the Club will be able to proceed with much needed critical projects such as tennis observation deck, swimming pool deck, patio area, etc.

However, the neighbors have significant concerns and do not support expansion of the current facilities or memberships. While some degree of objections were expected, significant opposition to expansion of the Club will require the City Council to approve the project, including several aspects of how the Club can operate. We are currently working with the City of San Jose to evaluate to what degree expansion of facilities will be ultimately supported by the City Council in light of objections from the neighbors. The City Council has significant discretion in directing how the club can operate in permitting more than minor expansion. This process is inherently uncertain and we will keep the membership fully informed on what is the best possible course of action. Our decisions will be guided by doing what is fiscally responsible and in the best interests of current and future members of the Club.

We also urge you to send us emails and communication in support of the ASRC Renovation Project, let us know your views through the online survey and be ready to help show support for this project to the City Council members. As you hopefully have noticed in the sidebar of each newsletter, we urge our members and guests to be courteous to our neighbors by parking in ASRC parking spaces and avoid drop-off locations on surface streets. As we have many members that live in the neighborhood, we continue to encourage pedestrian and bicycle trips to the club, which promotes a healthy lifestyle, is kind to our environment and helps reduce traffic congestion in the direct area.

We can only be successful if we hear from you, our members. Please reach out to Dan ( or myself ( with any questions, thoughts or constructive feedback.

See you at the club.

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