RAVI’S COURT…by Ravi Gill, USPTA Professional

"Racquet Customization For Better Performance"


Choosing a racquet is a very individual decision, involving many factors other than the grip size, head size, stiffness, weight, balance and length... such as strings, tension and the sweet-spot feel. Most racquets are engineered way beyond our capabilities and the challenge is to understand that and engineer our equipment to our bodies needs and the strengths. Understanding the relationship between equipment technology and the human body will help when play-testing the different racquets available today.

Generally, most racquets are different because of different weight, balance, stiffness, shape, length, head size and string pattern. A player should never have to change his/her game to adapt to a frame that is wrong for his/her style of play. A properly customized racquet can improve your game and help prevent or lessen injuries to the arm... wrist, elbow and the shoulder. Customizing a racquet can affect a shot's depth, spin, angle and speed... as well as feel, comfort and safety of that shot to the player.

The first step is to choose the right racquet that best suits your style of play. Then you can adjust its control, power and comfort to optimize and match it to your needs and abilities. The most common reason to customize is to match all your racquets to have the same feel, control, power and comfort. Your goal is to match the balance, stiffness, weight and string bed feel for comfort.

Tennis arm injuries are not just due to the wrong racquet... they can also be caused by the poor stroke mechanics, squeezing the grip too hard or even limited upper limb strength. Regardless of the racquet, all players need proper instructions to adequately work on stroke production techniques and timing. There is so much to learn about tennis while challenging the mind and the body to peak performance. Players should get fit and prepare the body to play tennis like any other athlete does when competing at a higher level.


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