RAVI'S COURT…by Ravi Gill, USPTA Professional

"Power or Control"


How many times have you heard the old myth... "Lower tension for more power and higher tension for more control"? Now just think about it for a second... what is power and what is control??

Power really comes from the racquet head speed, the type of racquet and the type of strings used. Upper body rotation and the body weight transfer by stepping into the ball will help generate more racquet head speed. The tension of your strings can vary depending on the type of strings used on your particular tennis racquet, which actually helps you control the ball as it leaves your racquet. The real question is... "How long does the ball really stay on your strings at contact?" This is what control is all about... the control of the ball.

Control comes from the equipment... the type of racquet & strings used, and by keeping the ball on your racquet longer to help guide the ball to the target area and generate more spin. So the question is... how can you keep the ball on your strings longer? By using the right string and proper tension, you can control the ball better and generate more power at the same time. The key is to adjust your tension according to your racquet and the strings.

With higher tension... the ball leaves your racquet much quicker so there's less deflection for more accuracy and less control due to timing and off-center hits. The power is generated by the stiffness of the frame and more racquet-head-speed. For short compact swing players... higher tension actually generates more power.

With lower tension... the ball actually stays on your racquet longer for more control and more spin generation. Players with a long swing can generate more spin and more racquet-head-speed for more power, and since the ball stays on your stringa longer, this helps guide the ball better into the proper court with more control.

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