FROM THE BOARDby Steve Spring, President

I hope you all enjoyed the last "official" weekend of summer '13 (Labor Day) with friends and family. As we head into fall there is much going on at the club.

Our club manager Dan has moved swiftly forward on the charter set out by the board earlier this summer specific to club repairs. For those of you who utilize the tennis courts, you've no doubt experienced the benefits of the resurfaced playing surface. Our pool deck resurfacing begins at the end of September so please keep an eye out for Dan’s communications detailing specific dates for upcoming pool closure to accommodate this long overdue facelift. If you like the outdoor TV installed in recent weeks, please give us your feedback. Pending this trial the board is considering installing additional sets in other areas of the pool deck and potentially the tennis patio. Other property improvements (landscaping, pool deck furniture etc.) as noted in my August note will continue to move forward in a time-coordinated fashion.

I attended a very positive "working meeting" for several hours on Saturday the 24th of August at the Camden Community Center. This meeting was facilitated with the assistance of Councilmember Johnny Khamis’ office with the goal of bringing a representative sample of the ASRC neighbors and club leadership together to clarify and work collaboratively on a long-term plan that works for all. I do want to share the courtesy of members and guests using the parking lot (when ample space is available) vs. parking on the street has been noted by neighbors and they expressed their gratitude.

As you know that our board is made up of volunteer owners like yourselves who serve for two years. We are committed to maintain and enhance our club in fiscally prudent manner for generations to come. This is not a simple task and one we each take very seriously. We are seeking owners seeking to make a difference to fill a couple of slots on our board beginning in January '14 due to the terming out of several current board members.

We can only be successful if we hear from you, our members. Please reach out to Dan ( or myself ( with any questions, thoughts or constructive feedback.

See you at the club.

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