FROM THE BOARDby Steve Spring, President

Judging by the amount of pollen in the air and resulting sneezing, sinus pressure and itchy eyes in our house, spring has indeed “sprung”. May is a busy social month at ASRC so be sure to check the email communications (from Dan) as well as the club website and your personal calendar.

As we all ramp up for the busy summer months ahead, I encourage you to take full advantage of your ownership opportunities at ASRC. Whether that is playing tennis (including working with our newest tennis pro, Richard Carson), swimming laps, hitting the diving well via our brand new two meter spring-board or just hanging out poolside or up by the courts there is something for everybody. We have begun to market the club locally through the 95120 magazine (a feature article upcoming in addition to the running advertisement) as well as (soon) the Almaden Times.

The best sources of new members are your referrals. As my family was referred to the club I am guessing many of you were as well. Keep that spirit alive and if you know families or friends with shared interests or new families who have moved into the area, encourage them to stop by and check out the club. They can schedule a tour with Dan directly by calling or emailing the office to ensure he is available at their desired arrival time.

For those of you who read my April note, I want to provide a brief update on the club renovation and more specifically the outreach efforts resulting from the March 23rd neighborhood meeting. Both the ASRC facilities committee (club members like yourself) as well as the ASRC board are preparing our responses which will be incorporated into the meeting with the City of San Jose planning commission, most likely in June. The net/net is our project schedule has been shifted back approximately eight weeks as a result. Our goal is to be a good neighbor while also ensuring we provide a member friendly facility for our owners.

We can only be successful if we hear from you, our members. Please reach out to Dan ( or myself ( with any questions, thoughts or constructive feedback.

See you at the club.

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