FROM THE BOARDby Steve Spring, President

My thanks on behalf of the entire Board to all of you who have taken the time to fill out the owner survey distributed in Dan’s email update near the end of July. We have taken your input in formulating the plans for our club as detailed below.

We continue to thoughtfully pursue approvals with the City of San Jose to enable the Club to expand facilities in a manner that is consistent with the aspirations of the Club members while addressing reasonable concerns of our neighbors. Due to the unprecedented magnitude of concerns from the neighbors, the timing of approval is uncertain and could be substantially delayed.

Our Club requires immediate repairs. You will begin to see such repairs in both the swimming and tennis areas. In determining the priority of these repair projects the Board carefully considered input of the members, severity of repairs, whether such repairs have enduring value and whether adequate funds are available. Collectively they will make our Club attractive to current and future members. These include: resurfacing the pool deck, resurfacing and crack repair of all tennis courts, refurbishing the tennis observation deck, improvement of current landscaping, new furniture throughout the club, and updating the member kitchen/recreational facility.

Upon obtaining approval from the City of San Jose for expansion of the facilities, the Board will keep you informed. The Board will obtain approval from the members with respect to the proposed expansion and how it would be financed.

As you know, our Board is made up of volunteer owners like yourselves who serve for two years. We are committed to maintain and enhance our Club in a fiscally prudent manner for generations to come. This is not a simple task and one we each take very seriously.

We can only be successful if we hear from you, our members. Please reach out to Dan ( or myself ( with any questions, thoughts or constructive feedback.

See you at the club.

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