RAVI'S COURT…by Ravi Gill, USPTA Professional

Tennis... Sport for a lifetime!!!

Tennis has something for everyone. The game that can be played on so many different surfaces with different speeds, spins, equipment and energy level. Tennis is a lot of fun and many rewards come from the process of self-improvement and spending fun time with family or friends. Playing tennis is an art... like a painter creating a masterpiece. A good tennis player is like an artist on the canvas. The way he moves on the court... the way he uses his racquet like a brush and caresses, carves and cuts through the ball to produce some of the greatest shots ever seen hit by the top players. Watch the way he moves to cover the court and glides across the court, air brushes the ball away from the opponent. He can also just drop the ball over the net with great finesse and soft hands.

Life is a classroom journey where the mind should be without fear and the head should be held high... where the knowledge should be free flowing... where the world has not been broken-up into fragments by the narrow domestic walls... where the clear stream of reasons should not lose its' way into the dreary overload of old habits. Focus on the love for the game, rather than winning. Keep working on improving your game and having more fun, and you'll start seeing the improvements. Some players work on the physical part of the game, but rarely work on the mental aspects of the game. Mental focus, toughness, confidence, discipline and temperament can easily be learned. Focus on winning the points... not the match.

There are no short-cuts to playing good tennis, so focus on the fundamentals of the game and play the game properly... and play smart. First you start by winning points... then the game... then the set... then the match. And eventually one day, through this slow process of understanding and learning the game, you'll win a tournament.

As you know it takes practice to get better. So what are you waiting for... give your buddy a call and play some today or join our instructional program where you can learn a lot of new things and meet some new friends too. Hope to see you on the court soon... and remember to have Fun!!!

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